Qyuki Artist
Becoming a Qyuki Character

Growing up I loved books (and I still do). I loved reading, getting lost in the pictures, meeting characters, becoming a part of their world, and realizing how they impacted mine. I used to play “library” at home instead of house or teacher, playing the librarian that would check out the books for my younger sister. To this day, a book can change my mood, and I don’t go anywhere without two books in my bag — I don’t know what I’ll feel like in the moment!

I was obsessed with a television show called Reading Rainbow where books and the real world mixed. It made books come alive for me, and I wanted to bring the idea to life in India. It’s not most kids’ first choice – reading – but maybe if it was presented so that the characters came into our world, it might just get their attention.

Qyuki is one those places that realized the potential in this seemingly unsexy idea.

It’s been such a fun (and intense) ride, picking the books, doing the voice-overs, shooting the scenes, working with the team, and I really hope I get to keep doing more.

– Sweta Daga