DopeadelicZ QRap

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Qyuki’s hiphopsters, DopeadelicZ, take to their favourite form of music – rap to talk about Qyuki. The Q-
Rap asks ‘Who R U?’




Oo yeah, that’s right, Qyuki… N this is DopeadelicZ

At a platform of force

The platform of source,

For skilled talented artist with hope,

The platform to stages for all kind of ages,

On Youtube not on printed pages,

So Qyuki asked me Who are you?

Kon hai tu ? Kon aahe re tu ? Nee aarana? Nee yaaru yaaru?

South stylela Rac solluvan paaru…


Idhu Dopeadelicz so gavanama kellu, (this is DopeadelicZ so carefully Listen)

Pudhu Digital Media avadharam Qyuki dhan paaru, (Look at the New Avatar of Digital Media – Qyuki)

Isai kellu palavidattula podu steppu palavidattula, (listen to Music in many ways n do dance steps in many


Enaa adhisayam kutam da ragasiya aatam da (Because this team is miracle with mysterious play)

Dil irrundha aadu da medaila vandhu paadu da (so if u got guts c’mon and dance or c’mon the stage and


Unakul yenna theramai endru munnal vandhu kattu da. (so come forward and show that uniqueness in



So don’t you end yourself finding where to start,

Utilise your brain according to your heart,

Not only the chosen one’s hit the spot,

Step up and step in and show what you got ?

Show show show what you got ?

Now who are you ? Show what you got?

Now who are you ? Show what u got ?