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  • Introducing Qyuki
Introducing Qyuki

The last few months have been very exciting and admittedly stressful! We’ve been busy trying to set the building blocks of disrupting content creation and distribution as we know it. It has taken us 3 months longer than I thought but today is the first big step along that way where we are taking into public beta the Qyuki Creator Network at If you’re like me and prefer to watch video more than read text then click this if you want the quick one minuter or this if you want a little deeper dive into what we are all about.

Here’s a little more perspective in text…

It’s all about you!

Qyuki is all about the creator. With Qyuki you can create content, distribute it on the interwebs and make some money while you’re at it. It gets better, we also help produce your content! Read more about this below in the Qyuki Studios segment

How to get in:

Qyuki is an exclusive platform, but all it takes is a knock on our door. If you’re a creator and would like to join our network, request an invite.

Keep calm and create on:

Qyuki exists to allow artists to focus on their work. Say goodbye to worrying about the production, distribution and monetization of your content. We’ll take care of it all for you.  It gets better. In addition to showcasing your talent, you can meet and collaborate with other artists, apply for brand projects, find artists to jam with, post jobs and apply for jobs.

Qyuki studios:

Qyuki Studios can be your zone to think of a concept, cast for a music video, record a song, direct a short-film, edit a comedy sketch…the list goes on.  We have a cool chroma, sound studio and edit bays and all of that is available to creators we partner with at no charge!

Qyuki is yours to explore, so request an invite right away. And don’t forget to tell us what you like and what you don’t.

Samir Bangara