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Issue 20 March 2017
Presenting "Bhaari Scene" by the entire collective of the Indian hip hop circle that wants to give kickass shoes to the underprivileged kids who want to be hip hop stars. This crowd funded campaign has already seen a huge following and has raised over Rs 72,000 in funds from various rappers such as the infamous Raftaar and Hardik Dave, the founder of Desi HipHop in California. A first of it's kind movement, it aims to give back to the culture through music and make it a #BhaariScene! The campaign went live earlier this month on Wishberry and the collective also launched
a video to mark its success. A totally rad video by the always on point Poetik Justis, it's called "Bhaari Scene" and is dedicated to the kids coming straight outta Dharavi! Stay tuned to this space as a grand event is planned for the 24th of April to handover the shoes to the kids and open up a super hip hop battle! Join the movement now and contribute to bringing musical joy into the lives of these kids.

These pranksters are on a roll ! Bringing you your weekly dose of absolutely hilarious pranks and killing the internet with millions of views, the boys at Funk You are here to entertain you yet again with Funk You Originals! A little hatke from the on-street pranks, these short videos are stories that will make you go totally ROFL!

Check out "Mystery of the Last Samosa" in which the boys take on an everyday situation with friends- who gets to eat that last bite and who is the rightful owner of the last samosa? Or watch "Every Indian Bachelor" which showcases the typical bachelor lifestyle and Funk You's twisted take on it! These originals are already raking in the web love with over 200k+ views and counting!

What are you waiting for? Check this out now and get ready for some serious funny business!

Let's all bow down to the genius that is Tushar Lall and The Indian Jam Project, because their latest release is totally OUT OF THIS WORLD. The project is famous for desifying popular motion picture soundtracks and they have taken a crack at a classic this time around.

Requiem For A Dream is the movie and what a rendition it is! Complete with sitar and tabla backing, the song has a special guest appearance by everyone's favorite virtual assistant - SIRI! The use of the Siri in this track is so unique, it completely stands out from the crowd.

The video has been seen over 80k+ times and is going up and up! Check out the madness here and be enthralled.
Burning the dance floor with her insane moves, choreographer Sonali's Bhadauria's channel Live To Dance has reached over 100k subscribers! With dance routines to Indian and international numbers, she started her journey in 2016 and in less than a year has over 24 million views! Her latest is a mad beautiful dance to Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" which will have you up on your feet in seconds! So come on, move your body to the music and live to dance!

But that's not all! Babaji is here to entertain and his channel has reached great heights with 100k+ subscribers too! If you don’t know what this vlog channel is about- these are stories from the land of Mumbai! Guaranteed entertainment, each videos deals with various topics such as shopping in Chor Bazaar, or buying cheap mobiles off the street or even the fake watch/shoes market!
Check out the rage right now:

From the best of music to the best of pranks for your daily dose of laughter, here
are the best releases fresh from the Qyuki studio!
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