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Issue 21 April 2017
When we do a live event with our pranksters, we go big! To celebrate the one day of the year in which pranksters get free reign over the world, our boys went all out with live pranks the whole day! April Fools Day was celebrated with much laughter on the channels of
our awesome Funk You, iDiOTUBE, PhrankTV, TamashaBera and STFU18. A series of live videos were published by the creators to wish their fans with the hashtag #LivePrankDay! Check out the madness here:

Chatting it up with The Indian Jam Project!
If you are a fan of the big screen, and an even bigger fan of their awesome soundtracks, then The Indian Jam Project should be on the top of your “subscribed channels” list. Founded by the modern musical mind Tushar Lall, it is killing the internet and winning views with out-of-this-world renditions of some classic and new OSTs. He gives them his very own desi twist and its a marriage made in music heaven! We get up close and personal with the man himself!

The idea behind the Indian Jam Project?
My musical background is in western music but I am surrounded by people who are into Indian classical. Also, I am a huge Game of Thrones fan! So I thought of making an Indian arrangement of its theme song. Called a bunch of my friends, recorded the song and the video and that’s where it all began! The video got about 100k views at the time, but has about 1.2mn views now!

Why do you make renditions of movies and TV shows?
It takes a lot of skill to score background tracks as a musician. It is also a very good space open to interpretation. Whichever score it may be, Hollywood or Bollywood, it makes us happy! I love the work.

What is your thought process behind each video?
Whenever I'm making a rendition I usually see the following of that score and the adaptability of it with an Indian Raga. These two things are the prerequisites for me! ThenI go ahead and make it more emotionally evocative!

Current movie/TV series theme that's on your playlist right now?
I'm listening to a lot of John Williams and Hans Zimmer right now!
The Indian Jam project is catching the eyes and ears of the both the Hollywood and Bollywood film peeps, which has been your most cherished reaction/tweet/post?
I especially cherish the posts by the composers themselves. With BBC’s Sherlock, Michael Price himself told me that it was beautifully constructed. Requiem For A Dream got me a response from Mark Hanson! Apart from that even the people in music industry and global musicians have appreciated my work and it’s a such a pleasure!

Which theme next?
I am working on The Dark Knight by Hans Zimmer.

Tell us about your association with Qyuki?
Qyuki is like my extended family now! They keep a check on me and they also consistently keep encouraging me! I am not proud to say this, but I am a lazy person, they set deadlines for me and are helping me grow as an artist! A much needed change is Qyuki, atleast for me! It's all about growth and positivity!

Subscribe to the Indian Jam Project right here and get in touch with him at alive@qyuki.com

Here is Tanya Chamoli! Burning the dance floor with each video, ladies and gents of the interwebs, meet Tanya Chamoli! Her choreography will blow you away with awesome moves, a killer vibe and never ending groove.

She started her channel just 5 years ago in 2012 and is now over 22 million views and over 100k subscribers strong. Her latest video with the Bee Ware crew is the stuff of hip hop legend! So come on, get your dancing shoes on and be a hit on the floor! Subscribe to the goddess of dance right here:
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