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Issue 22 May 2017
We always go big and never go home. Our multi platform network that started in 2013 has come a long long way. Exceptional brand collaborations, iconic digital talent in the network, one of the biggest musical properties on the web- Jammin', Qyuki is at leading the way for the digital explosion. While the digital world spending is growing by 30-35% annually, it may increase even further in the next 3 years!
Our lead man in charge, MD Samir Bangara in an interview with BWDisrupt said , "We have a "creator first" culture in everything we do. Our business model has evolved and is stable.

Now, it's a question of scaling in each of the divisions from the current multi million dollar revenue streams to 10x in the next 3 years." With our mix of awesome stars such as India's first band to hit 1 million subscribers SANAM band, the first lady of YouTube Shraddha Sharma, the auto lead PowerDrift and the top rated Pranksters in India Funk You, Qyuki is all set to take over the internet with its non-traditional approach to content and advertising. Watch out world!
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Whether it's tackling taboo subjects like buying bras or the funnies like "how to protect yourself from an evil kitty", the Rickshawali and her humor will definitely get your meter down! With over 240k subscribers, she has 2 personalities- one is Anisha, an Indian German girl living in Mumbai and her take on daily issues and the second is Rickshawali who is originally from Mars and loves taking people on a ride! She's new on the Qyuki train, so let's get to know her a little better ricksters!

Where did the name Rickshawali come from?
Rickshaws are everywhere in India and everyone is familiar with it. What would you call a person who makes videos inside a Rickshaw? Voila! Rickshawali! It got stuck in my head and after a while, I fell in love with it.

Your first video?
My first video was uploaded on 17th November 2013, it was a Ram Leela movie review. I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I just went out with my phone, sat inside an rickshaw and hit the red button to capture myself doing a silly movie review. Go check it out!

What's the story behind your YouTube channel, didn't you start it by accident?
It's an interesting story actually. You see, I am an actor and came to Mumbai looking for opportunities but couldn't find the break in Bollywood. So, this one time, I was traveling in an auto rickshaw to meet a friend. While I was in the rickshaw, I started to click selfies and shot a few random videos. Later on, when I saw the footage, I was quite intrigued! To be honest, the first thing that came to my mind was,"hey no one is making videos in a rickshaw, what if I start doing it?" Hence I call it an accident!

Which are your favorite videos?
Feminine Hygiene is a topic dear to me. When I was a young girl and had gotten my period, my grandmother would be very mean to me! And this was shocking to me as I was raised in Germany! Every young girl gets her period and it is nothing to be ashamed of. And I have dedicated a full video to this topic, which is called Period- The Musical. Personally it's my most favorite video till date.

The Rickshawali hat- you have so many of them! Do you design these yourself?
Let's just say I have a few! And yes, I designed them myself and went to various tailors to get them made!
You have over 247k subscribers! How has the journey been?
It has been more than 3 years since I started making videos. The journey has been long and tenuous. The first couple of years were not easy, the first few thousand subscribers took me forever! It was only when my Hajmola video got shared by Huffington Post that I got some exposure and confidence to do more videos. Initially, the audience did not appreciate the quirkiness of what I was doing. However, I took the criticism to heart and worked on few things to make sure my content was more accessible. I would say my first big realization that I was doing something right was when I did first meet-n-greet more than a year ago. 14 odd people from all over Mumbai came to meet me and I realized that my content actually mattered to them. Few months later, the next meet-n-greet we had close to 200 people show up! I haven't looked back since then.

Tips for our budding youtubers?
The biggest tip for a budding youtuber is to stick around and keep making content. There is a shortage of good content for people to watch and there is always space for more creators on YouTube. So don't wait, get that first video out and keep making more.

Your favorite YouTubers?
Liza Koshy and Miranda Sings!

What next from Rickshawali?
I am in the 2nd gear right now! :) There is so much to do and so much to explore! . I have a set of audience that loves my work and I am willing to try new genres. The future is not set in stone!

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What started in 2012, has now become a mammoth army on the internet with over 90 million views, 410k+ subscribers, PowerDrift is the fastest channel in the world to attain such killer mileage in the auto space.

Their videos are out of this world and they all say: BBC has TopGear, Amazon has The Grand Tour and YouTube India has the mighty PowerDrift. Reviews, first looks, drive throughs of the best automobiles in the world, the PDArmy reigns supreme! Have you subscribed to their awesome channel yet?
The girl with the magical voice, Shraddha Sharma is the #SupaGirl that will tug at your heartstrings with every song! One of the most subscribed to channels on YouTube, it has been her first and only platform till date where she showcases her musical talent! But did you know she loves soap bubbles? And that her favorite artist is Ed Sheeran? In a tell all interview, she talks about her channel, her family, her music, her future plans and why it's important to be yourself!

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