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Issue 23 May 2017
Brands are just loving us, and the hits just keep on coming! It's been a great season for collaboration with some big ticket brands and the latest is with telecom giant Vodafone. The eclectic folk music superstars Maati Baani have created a beautifully melodious number called "Summer Love".
An original track with a mashup of a popular traditional classical number Era Aali, it's complimented by a peppy, colorful video! East meets the west in this awesome fusion and the result is a summer song that you will absolutely love. Grooving and singing about their summer loves, this track will remind of romance. So come along, sing out loud - "I want you to be my summer love!". Watch the video on Vodafone Play & YouTube and fall in love!
We told you we are having a big brand boost, didn't we? Our collab with Flipkart for its Big Sale got 1.7 million views and it's still going up! We love our sale days and what better to prepare for it than a rap music video! Featuring the ever awesome and versatile Ishq Bector, the idea was to get customers to guess the offer clues in the song and win some big goodies in return! The rap hit the spot with its quirky combo of lyrics and Ishq's style to give a sale a completely new, hip flavor! Check out the song and get steppin'!

No one else can do what they do. The musical geniuses who make instruments seem old-fashioned, can rock a concert hall with music from their mouths! India's first Bollywood A capella group, RaagaTrippin' knows how to get you grooving with their deadly mashups on the web. In this edition of The Grapevine, we go behind the scenes with the band!

How was RaagaTrippin' formed?
The 6 of us have been friends long before we got together as RaagaTrippin'. Sometime in June 2012, a TV channel approached us to create an A capella arrangement of a Bollywood track. We saw this as a great opportunity and realised the song sounded so amazing with ONLY the power of our VOICES. Being able to present all our favourite popular songs in a completely modern, all-vocal way is just crazy. This was the beginning of RaagaTrippin' !

Which was the very first Bollywood song that you performed?
The title track of the movie "Ekk Main Aur Ek Tu" was our very first Bolly track!

How did you guys get in sync?
With Lara on lead and ambient vocals, Keshia doing leads and bringing the soul, Rohan our rock renegade, Suzanne on lead and ambient vocals, Gary on vocal bass and Alan bringing the beats, RGT's soundscape is an experience in itself. Being an all-vocal band, we need that synergy and vibe even more than that of a regular band with instruments. But we're friends too, so we really have a great time together!
The one live performance you'll remember for a lifetime?
It's hard to pick just one! We performed at the IPL opening ceremony a couple of years ago! However, that being said, I think the craziest show we have been a part of would be Jammin'. It was an absolute treat to collaborate with Clinton Cerejo on 'Tonight we Dance' (which was also an absolutely blast to shoot!) and feature on 'Yaara' with AR Rahman!

How do you guys do your mashups? Give us some techniques!
We like to keep it interesting so we usually pick songs that no one would expect to be presented in an A capella format. In terms of the arrangements, Suzie takes the lead and puts it all together for us. We then get into the studio and make magic with our voices to create what you see in our videos and hear live!

How has Qyuki helped you grow in your musical career?
RaagaTrippin' has become really popular courtesy our YouTube channel and we have Qyuki to thank for that! And most recently with Qyuki Alive, they're helping us build audiences and clientele as far LIVE performances and concerts are concerned as well.

Which mashup can we expect next?
We are working on a track in a new language! It's gonna be a great surprise! Stay tuned!

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