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Issue 24 June 2017
India is a land with many deep rooted issues which are hidden in its 1.3 billion population. 1.4% of its citizens are enslaved in the sex trafficking racket with a girl being sold into it every 3 minutes! To spread awareness about this grave problem and shed light on it's stories, Qyuki creator UnErase poetry collaborated with actor
Kunal Kapoor to create a beautiful poem titled "Sold Bodies". Recited beautifully by the actor, it will tug at your heartstrings with its sheer raw emotions and words! It has received massive praise from the entire Bollywood fraternity with the likes of Hrithik Roshan, Karan Johar, Dia Mirza and more tweeting/sharing it. It has struck a chord with the interwebs too, the video has over 91k views and counting. So come on, open your hearts, wallets and donate to the cause,
If MJ's "Heal The World" rendition with super talented kids hasn't come across your screens yet, then get out from that rock you have been hiding under and witness the genius of Maati Baani! Their songs put the funk back in folk music with collaborations with some of the greatest musical artists of the world. Their performance at our recent blockbuster concert, Jammin' got the crowd giving them a standing ovation, these guys are the mad hatters of the music world. So let's get to know them a little better, shall we?

Is Maati Baani a duo? Is it a project?
Maati Baani is essentially a duo (that has us, Kartik and Nirali), but is much more than the two. The concept is based on collaborations and we have been fortunate to work with some of the best talents from India and other countries. We have collaborated with over 150 artists and it's only going up from there! We have made friends across borders and we love it!

Why the collaborations?
Collaborations expand the vision and it breaks all sorts of geographical, linguistic and musical barriers.They require a specific skill set and allows us to work with the best talents across countries which enriches us in every way!

Your favorite collaboration?
All are our favs - but if we had to choose one, it would have to be the Michael Jackson Heal The World cover. It had such a positive message for this crazy world!

Which was your first video on YouTube?
Mitwa was our first video and the platform was not cluttered then. We got 10,000 views on day 1!

All your videos are shot so beautifully in vivid landscapes, what's the thought behind each video?

We go with the theme of the song and believe in Shekhar Kapur's adage, " Don't give into mediocrity"!

How has Qyuki helped you in your journey?
We love Qyuki's "creator first" approach and it is visible with each of their talents. Because an artiste knows their craft the best, the rest is up to how they are represented. Qyuki does this exceptionally in their endeavor.

Maati Baani is...
Borderless. Unexpected. True to the roots.

Your best live concert experience?
It has to be Jammin'! It was super special as the audience broke out singing with us the classical parts of our song Boondan Boondan! It was magical!

She is a sufi music rockstar and her latest cover track of a timeless Kashmiri ballad will get you smiling! Hukus Bukus is the name of the song which has seen many versions by poets, scholars and artistes alike through the years. But Abha's rendition has its own sweet twist as it weaves together some kashmiri lullabies into a beautiful melody that will have you dancing and giggling away! It has raked over 100k views already courtesy a super colorful video featuring Kashmiri instruments such as the Rabab and Santoor!

Stand up comedian Amit Tandon very rightly says,"There are 2 kinds of people in this world- "people who have a very active life on Facebook or people who have a very active life!". He tells the world like it is, and in this latest video talks about the changes that the social networking site has brought into our lives! We are so addicted that even in grave situations, we stand around posting rather than saving ourselves! The best 11 mins of your life start now:

From knowing the types of girls in a hostel to the most beautiful musical covers, here
are the best releases fresh from the Qyuki studio!
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