QYUKI The Grapevine Fresh from The Studio
Issue 25 Special Edition July 2017
Meet the real superstars of our digital
powerhouse who make #Qyukistars look GOOD.
Co-Founder & MD

He works on 4 hours of sleep, has a 100 cups of green tea in a day, replies to emails faster than Speed Racer and always leaves his door open for new ideas! The birth story of Qyuki may be familiar to all, but did you know he is THE man behind Qyuki's "Creator first" approach? So much so that any Qyuki creator can dial his number anytime of the day or night! He's a total petrohead , loves his cars/bikes and regularly takes bike rides all the way to Gujarat for breakfast on Sundays! He is not your average 9-5 kinda boss and pretty chilled out most of the time, but don't take him for granted folks, he can turn from Bruce Banner to the incredible Hulk in an instant!

If I want a job in Qyuki, who do I have to be?
A missionary, not a mercenary. You gotta be able to take on the tough times, preferably have faced failure - yes you heard that right. High EQ is super important along with trust and capability to work with creators/talent.

One digital nation, Qyuki-wood. His potent mix of a warm smile, oodles of swag and a "know-it-all" attitude floors the clients and he's the king of every meeting. Qyuki is a natural extension to his career and he honestly couldn't be anyone else other than a content boss. When he is not creating badass videos that take over the internet, he's an absolute nerd who is addicted to his PS4! Coffee, numbers, ideas, analytics are on his fingertips but its the "Swagger" that makes Qyuki's content rock the hearts of the audience. If you want something great on the interwebs- who you gonna call? Swagger!

Advice to startup founders?
The benefits of a 9-5 job are many! They pay you well, your future is secure , you can maintain a good work- life balance - the list goes on. But if you are bitten by the startup bug, take the leap of faith and bring it on BRO!

She is mother of branded content , slayer of deadlines, killer of client egos, the high priestess of collaborations and her kingdom is the client's mind. So how does she know if a client is interested or not? "When the client starts calling you more than you call them, you know you've hit it right!" When she's not making the big bucks for Qyuki, she's riding her bike, doing workshops and spreading awareness about the cycling culture. Last year, she rode 7200 kms in her car and over 10,000 kms on her bike! She vents at the gym, is a Sodoku addict and cooks like the world is running out of food. Her email sign off may say "Warm Regards", but what she really means is - LET'S DO THIS!

Your ideal piece of branded content?
BIKES n BABES! A series on the biking culture in Mumbai and what it takes to be a "gal" amongst the boys! It's my dream to see a peloton of gal cyclists skim the coastline of the city!
AVP - Marketing & Audience Development

He casts spells on social media and can totally expelliarmus the shiz out of the internet! His favorite hashtag is #JustSaying and his #MondayMotivation is that social media changes with the speed of the light and is the purest form of information. His desk is always stacked with dabbas of health food, his playlist is full of EDM and he always has a spare pair of running shoes in his backpack. His powers penetrate the kona kona of each social network and his current favorite is Music.ly. In his spare time, he is an avid runner, trekker and an all around nature enthusiast! Whatsapp is his weapon of choice and caffeine is his drug, he's always on the lookout for the next big platform!

What's the one trick to sounding cool on social media?
If you get your tonality right, everything follows. Staying current is most important!
AVP - Talent Management

Hell hath no fury like an artist manager scorned. The badass queen of live performances, Tania Suri is the essential fixer. She is the armour of the Qyuki stars and her weapons are her negotiation powers and an awesome personality. How does she shut an irritating client down? Just throw a bigger tantrum than them! She plays the good and the bad cop for our talent and knows how to get the best deal. Her alternate career? Sports management- she loves the feel of a stadium and how sport brings people together! When she's not being a fixer at work, she is fixing herself the tastiest of foods, spending some quality time with close friends and a good read!

Describe Qyuki in one word?
Quirky! I have a whole photo album on Facebook with pictures that would prove me right!
Assoc. VP - Network & Talent BD

He's the charmer, he's the scout, Anand Dhople is the man who gets the talent before they sprout! He genuinely believes that YouTube and social media stars are the next wave of celebrities and has a great eye for spotting talent. His signature move to close a deal? Honesty. Once he memorised an entire monologue from a creator's video and repeated it word-for-word in a meeting. That creator is now on board the Qyuki network! In an era where algorithms control every aspect of our life, talent spotting is more than just finding the next Dhinchak Pooja! He's Qyuki's resident tech expert who puts machine learning in every conversation! Spending time with family and friends is his favorite past time and he encourages everyone to go home to do the same!

What's your signature dance move?
The Joey Tribiani dance move where you put your hands out and make circles in mid air! It's quite a crowd puller for all the wrong reasons!
AVP - Production

He's knows the formula for the perfect video and will get you addicted. He's the badshaah of the first floor at Qyuki where food plays a major role in all meetings. Jibran Khan believes that ideas can come from anywhere- in the shower, from a Netflix series or even lunch on the terrace! He's the calmest member of the team and can move mountains with his attitude. His trick to making a great video- have a great idea, a clear head, put in plenty of hard work and have good intentions. He is the newest dad on the block and is always watching the best shows for those killer concepts! His favorite shoot till date has been with the man, the legend AR Rahman where he got to direct him for the anthem Ginga!

The Bollywood dialogue that defines you?
From the movie Kala Pathar- Tum hume abhi jante nahi, teesre badshah hum hai.'