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Issue 26 August 2017
Can you imagine a world without the warmth, power and might of the female? Unfortunately even in today's modern age, girls face judgement in India even before they are born. Our favorite #Fab4 teamed up with online giant eBay to spread a message against this very judgement and prejudice with a music video that will not only open your eyes and mind, but seriously tug at your heartstrings.
A rendition of the classic track "Lakshya", the video features the challenging journey of a young pregnant mother who overcomes harsh circumstances in order to live life on her own terms!

The #Fab4 were also part of the Urban Debate on Mirror Now about women safety and empowerment where they spoke about their sentiments loud and proud to the world alongwith other powerful women such as Rega Jha, Kaneez Surka, Qyuki's own Aranya Johar and more. They even performed “Lakshya” live on air! Stand up now. Say yes to #NoWorldWithoutGirls
Look out world, the Qyuki stars are taking over! Our stars Madhura's Recipe, Ritu Agarwal, RealShit and more are conquering the interweb with a massive fan following! Want to be a cool chef in your kitchen, look out for Madhura and her awesome recipes who hit over 500k subscribers!

The woman with the most beautiful voice and renditions also hits the 500k+ mark while the pranksters who have us in splits hit the 400k+ mark! But that's not it- our resident tech experts All About Technologies & Techniqued are soaring high with a whopping 100k+ subscribers on YouTube. It's raining awesome content folks, your screens are gonna blow!

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Her most recent video - A Brown Girl's Guide To Beauty was a rage on the internet with over 800k views and counting, Aranya Johar is a force to be reckoned with. The girl with the most powerful poems, she has been a performer since the age of just 11! Her last 2 spoken word performances have gone viral and challenged the norms of beauty and gender stereotypes! The #Qyukistar wants to focus on starting a dialogue about the importance of mental health in the millennial generation. Have you listened to her yet? Get ready to get chills, goosebumps and more!

From the best of pranks to the best of reactions to badshaah Shahrukh Khan, here
are the releases- fresh from the Qyuki studio!
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