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Issue 27 September 2017
Like keeping up with the latest trends in fashion? Then get ready to experience it like never before with Qyuki’s latest video for the giant Flipkart. A first of it’s kind 360 degree video with special spatial audio, it takes viewers on a ride through the latest clothing options that you absolutely need to own!
A rendition of the classic “Mera Joota Hai Japani”, Arjun Kanungo has done justice to the number with his charm and singing skills! The video features Arjun in different looks for work, play, casual and party time! The video is technically on a whole new level with the 360 degree approach and is racking up the views - almost 10 million and counting! Just move your phone to the groove, explore and be amazed! Big shout out to our genius partner, Zain Memon from Memesys for some pathbreaking work in the world of 360 VR with Spatial Sound! Boys and girls, put on your seatbelts and get ready to go on wild fashion ride!

Everyone’s favorite #Fab4 is back with a brand new rendition of the hit - Dil Kya Kare! In typical SANAM style, the song features a beat and a groove that will have you humming the song all day long. The video takes you behind-the-scenes, into the life of the band on tour around the world. Rehearsals, live performances, those happy faces of fans in the audience- it’s got such a cheerful vibe! 1.6 million+ views in just a week So come on, dance along

"Life is a balance between holding on and letting go" is a quote she truly believes in and her 400k+ fans love her tutorials every single week! JSuperKaur as known to the virtual world, her channel is blowing up the internet with her personal videos of makeup tutorials, skin care, hair care, DIY's, tips, tricks and so much more! Let's get to know the girl behind the channel Jessika a little more, shall we?

What's the story behind JSuperKaur?
I have always been a people person, but life wasn't too kind to me- i lost quite a bit of friends. So to find my true self, I started the channel and got so many virtual friends instead! I wanted to treat my depression over losing my father with these videos and am so glad for its success. Life is meant to be lived in all its glory!

Where did you learn to do your awesome makeup and tutorials?
I have always had a knack for styling since I was in 7th standard! I used to watch the DIY's on YouTube - they were so expensive! So I started my budget friendly methods online so that no one has to suppress their desires anymore. I am the girl next door- just like my subscribers! Whether its your lipstick or your makeup- its ok to not be professional- just have confidence!

What's your secret to a great video?
Just be yourself, ALWAYS! Don't consider yourself a YouTuber, treat people with respect and humility. Don't be judgemental!

Who are your favorite YouTubers?
I adore Superwoman, Jenna Marbles and Liza Koshy!

How has Qyuki helped you in your YouTube journey?
In one sentence- they helped me realise my worth! They are like family to me!

Any tips for budding YouTubers?
Be consistent and original, don't be disheartened with the success of others- you will get there one day! Remember YouTube is not a 100 meter race, it's a marathon!

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Content marketing has undergone a significant change in the recent years and marketers are finding newer and innovative ways to present their brands to the consumers. The exchange4media Content JAM conference in Mumbai brought together industry stalwarts like our very own chief Samir Bangara to discuss the evolution and disruption created in regular advertising. Qyuki was at the forefront of the JAM with interesting panel discussions with top marketers to discuss the best practices that benefit all in the marketing game!

From the best of automobiles to moves that will burn the dance floor- here are the
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