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Issue 28 October 2017
Our #QyukiStars are killing it and how! Your resident motivational guru and the funniest pranksters ever, have hit the 1 million subscriber mark!

Dr Vivek Bindra is a corporate trainer and a motivational speaker who inspires folks to "Bounce Back" has won many awards and has over 48 million views via his videos! His videos inspire everyone to never give up, keep on moving and face difficulties in life- head on.
He is a man on a mission to empower - manpower! Author of over 10 life books, he is a CEO coach and has trained over 1500 corporate clients. The channel has about 168 videos and we bet you'll be pumped up with each one of them!

The Pranksters Amit and Vinay Thakur on the other hand have been giving us laughs with their innovative social experiments and has over 168 million views! Their latest "Taking a Bath In Public" has raked on 350k+ views and is still going strong. Known for their expose's on Gold Diggers, these pranksters really just want the public to be entertained! Don't miss out on the best two channels of your life, subscribe right now!
Do you remember in the movie when the ship was sinking and the passengers were being loaded into the lifeboats? While everyone was running to save their lives, the house band played music all night long in an effort to calm people down. The band sank with the ship - but their memories lived forever.

Our #QyukiStar Tushar Lall and the Indian Jam Project paid a fitting tribute to these very musicians and we guarantee you will absolutely love it! A serene video showcases various instruments such as the violin, sitar, mridangam and the flute! And what's more - he has also been featured on Hans Zimmer's website for his Indian version of The Pirates of The Caribbean soundtrack! Mr Zimmer is one of Tushar's idols and inspiration- what could be better than getting a shout from the man himself!

Yes you heard that right! Our awesome stars from Dharavi are all set to star in super Rajnikanth movie set in Mumbai. "Kaala" is the title and the director Pa Ranjith heard about the gang while researching for the film. The play their true themselves - a hip hop gang in the movie and have also done a track for it! When they met Rajnikanth, they were so star struck- they didn't know what to say!
He has a passion for everything with speed, is a massive petro head but did you know that our Samir Bangara was an investment banker who also ran a massive gaming company? The good folks at PhilipCapital India spoke to our chief about his life story and what drives him every single day! Attitude is more important than aptitude for him and he is on a constant quest for perfection. His one piece of advice to young professionals? Do not walk the common path, go with your gut! Catch the entire interview here and be inspired :

From the best of new phones to some burning rubber, here are the freshest
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