QYUKI The Grapevine Fresh from The Studio
Issue 3 March 2016
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Qyuki and YouTube announce a new content property - 'Jammin'
With about 80% YoY growth in consumption of YouTube content in India, we are in the midst of the great Indian content creator revolution. At the FanFest last week, Qyuki in partnership with YouTube announced the birth of new musical property - Jammin. A web series with Bollywood composers and internet music superstars who will come together to create monster tracks. With music seeing a whopping 92% growth, this is absolutely earcandy news. ain't it?
The phenomenon that some of these kids have become through YouTube is just amazing. I have in fact worked with some of them and they are doing a fantastic job. I am sure a lot of my contemporaries feel the same way. It will be really exciting to help these kids reach a new milestone in their careers, and to be a part of it. A great initiative by Qyuki & YouTube, one that I am really looking forward to.

AR Rahman
Co-Founder. Qyuki
Drive time
awesome, listen up!
"If you're driving between 9-10
am in Mumbai. you know Hrishi
K on 94.3 Radio One. And
Hrishi K knows his music! The
best English music and the
most interesting guests on the
show, from Bollywood to
domain experts in every field
(and no, this was not a plug for
me but wait for it...). So after
many moons of promising to
get together on the show,
Hrishi and I finally locked a
date - the ides of March!
We chatted about Qyuki, what
we do, more importantly our
fantastic pool of artists and of
course startups in general. Was
worth the wait for me!"
Samir Bangara
Co-Founder & MD
Our creators zoom straight to the top!

Straight from the screen and keepin it real, Sanam is
taking over the internet and making the fans squeal.
According to stats released by YouTube, the team of
#Fab4 is one of the most popular and fastest growing
channels with 600k+ subscribers.

Backed by the awesome full power might of Qyuki,
the band's channel has seen exponential growth in
just one year ,going from just 100k subscribers to its
current rockin 600K+fan base.

With a jaw dropping 11 million+ monthly views, step
aside world- Sanam is coming through! The
pranksters Funk You follow close in the "fastest
growing channel" space with 270k+ subscribers –
and that number is just going up, up and away! India
has achieved "breakneck growth" with about an 80%
increase in overall watch time on YouTube this year!

Don’t be left out of the craze. Subscribe to their
channels right now and let the boom drop on your

Is FAN ka Jawab Nahi!
Qyuki's superstars rocked the stage at the YouTube
FanFest and how! The heart stealers Sanam,
performed a medley of their most popular hits to a
packed audience of screaming fans! Tushar Lall of
the Indian Jam Project enthralled with a super
original and them pranksters Funk You got the
audience laughing their pants off! Not to forget, the
Trouble Seeker team who made this fanfest truly —
This cover just
dropped the bass!
What's the best way to pay tribute to one of the greatest Indian producers ever? Make a kickass cover by acappelling it up with one of India's best rappers Enkore, internet superstar Shraddha Sharma, b boys and just watch everyone GO NUTS!

Our talented homeboys Aflatunes, whipped up a cover tune for Nucleya's entire Bass Rani album in a brand new avatar without as much as a MIDI controller to reproduce that thumping bass. 147 vocal layers make up the entire video with each sound produced individually to lift up the life in each song! The video is a crazy walk starting from "Chennai Bass" all the way to the serenading sounds of "Laung Gawacha", this is one wild ride!
And guess what? The boss himself showed the video a whole lotta love.